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Diana McGrory has taught more than 50 beginning and intermediate flute players over the past six years. She has created an original method that develops both fundamentals and ensemble skills, and complements the curriculum used by local middle schools. Diana has also taught group classes and lectured on various topics, such as music theory, practice techniques, and performance preparation. 


Elements of Diana’s Original Method​

  • Personalized curriculum based on each student’s age, stage, and goals

  • In-person or online sessions

  • Weekly notebook entries with feedback and assignments

  • Fundamentals, technique, duets, and solo repertoire

  • Original exercises to accelerate individual development 

  • Sight reading

  • Personalized duet recordings

  • Music theory and listening skills

  • Classical and jazz styles

  • Coaching and support for ensembles and outside performances

  • Exposure to a wide variety of performers and styles

  • Student performance videos to share with family and friends

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For more information, contact Diana.

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